Bonhams / LA

The Dorothy Weiss collection is part of the Bonhams 20th Century sale, which will be happening tomorrow.

Dorothy Weiss (on the left) was a mover and shaker in the art world, as evident in this picture where she's hanging out with Peter Voulkos. 
Source: Bonhams 

Along with the amazing Voulkos pieces seen in the top photo, her collection included pieces by Jun Kaneko, Ruth Duckworth,  Rudy Autio, Viola Frey, the Natzlers, and Philip Cornelius (seen here). 

Ruth Duckworth

Dorothy had some amazing stuff, but she didn't have this one.  This is one of the two Jack Rogers Hopkins chairs in the auction. The piece on the wall is by Robert Arneson. 
Jack Rogers Hopkins from the back.

Jack Rogers Hopkins #2

Cork top Sam Maloof table.

Eames and Nelson

A pair of Evelyn Ackerman mosaics among more Eames and Nelson.

That's Jerry Ackerman giving his seal of approval. He identified them as being later in production (meaning late 50s/early 60s) due to the construction of the frame. That guy remembers everything!