The ferry ride out to Naoshima.

This Yayoi Kusama sculpture is next to the ferry landing.

This is the view from my room at the Benesse House Park hotel. Tadao Ando designed the hotel and the adjoining museum. 
Those are George Rickey sculptures in the reflecting pool. There was a Helen Frankenthaler print hanging in the room.
Not bad for hotel art.

Art at the Benesse House Park

Another Yayoi Kusama sculpture. This one is in front of the Benesse House Park site.

Look at the framed piece! 

Bruce Nauman neon piece in the Benesse House Museum. 
They also had a great Cy Twombly and a pretty good Donald Judd.

Benesse House Museum

Benesse House Museum
I thought this was an actual plant growing inside the museum but it's a wood sculpture by Yoshihiro Suda.

 Benesse House Museum

 Dinner at the Benesse House Museum Restaurant, Issen.
They made me a special vegetarian meal.  It was nine unbelievable courses of beautiful and delicious food.

Art House Project

Art House Project

Art House Project

Art House Project

Art House Project. 
This is a public restroom designed by Ando. It's next next to a park and a long rectangular building named Minamidera.
Minamidera was designed by Ando for a James Turrell installation called Backside of the Moon.
I don't think the bathroom relates to the name of art piece, but it would be funny if it did.  

ChiChu Art Museum by Tadao Ando

They don't allow photos to be taken inside this museum. 
This was the most impressive art collection and building combination on Naoshima. 
Ando really outdid himself on this one. There is a really great James Turrel piece where you remove your shoes 
and walk inside an empty room for a full light and space experience.

Image: Ando: Complete Works

Lee Ufan Museum
They didn't allow photos inside this museum either. Trust me, it was amazing. 
The combination of Ufan's minimalist art and Ando's architecture was striking. 

It's a bit of a hike to get out there, but the three trains and ferry ride were well worth it.
It's one of the most amazing places I've ever been to.