Boyd / PLANEfurniture co.

PLANEfurniture co by Michael Boyd

The PLANEfurniture co. installation is currently at Edward Cella Art + Architecture.
It ends June 16th so there's still a little time to catch it. 

With PLANEfurniture, Boyd takes a historical approach to create an unadorned and functional line of furniture based on a synthesis of elements from great modern design.  Cues from Neutra, Schindler, Prouvé and Rietveld are evident, and I think that's the point.   

Made from reclaimed wood from an actual Neutra building.

Made from reclaimed wood from a Schindler building. I can see it.  


Like many design books from the past, the PLANEfurniture co. catalog is bound in a linen cover.

Overlay sketch from the WEDGEseries 

Michael Boyd's studio. 
I've been there and those chairs in the back are just the tip of the iceberg.