Eames Office

Eames dork paradise!

The current exhibition at the Eames Office is called "Essential Eames: The Design of Knowledge" 
It explores the educational philosophies of Charles and Ray Eames. 
It includes displays from the 1961 exhibition they designed, Mathematica.

IBM sponsored the original exhibition. 

The "Image Wall"

"Celestial Mechanics"


Probability, the scale model.

"History Wall"

Vintage splints for sale!
$650 isn't bad, especially considering they're coming straight from the source.

Vintage ephemera for sale!

Mathematica, the postcard
This was the entrance to the 1961 exhibition at the California Museum of Science and Industry.
Photo: Eames Office

For a description, images and a video on Mathematica, visit Eames Designs
There is also more information about the exhibition at the Eames Office
Photo: Eames Designs