Cosanti / Soleri

Cosanti is located in Paradise Valley, just outside of Scottsdale, Arizona.
Paolo Soleri started working on his earthcasting buildings at Cosanti in the mid 1950s.

The North Apse (1964)

The bell / lamp hanging from the North Apse.

The Ceramics Studio (1958)
The building in the background with the round windows is Soleri's drafting studio, now the Cosanti office. (1959).

Paolo working at the ceramics studio
Source: Life Magazine, 1966

Ceramics Studio dome.

There are some nice old bells in there.

Pool and Canopy, 1966
This is where Paolo takes his morning swims, though I was told that he doesn't go in the winter anymore.
He believes the morning swims are good for his health.  At 93, there must be something to it.  

Cat-Cast House (1965) door.

Cat-Cast House (1965) with an incredible special assembly bell.

South Courtyard Apse (1965)

Barrel Vault attached to the Pumpkin Apse (1968-1971)
The round element sticking out of the structure is a salvaged water pipe.

It's hard not to see a bridge design when looking at this bench.
The barrel vault in back in my friend Daniel's office. Not a bad spot to be.

Cosanti Gallery (1961)

If you don'e already have a Soleri bell, you definitely should have at least one. 
The bells are a means of fundraising for Cosanti and for the continued building of Arcosanti
You can order them here: Cosanti 

Cosanti Kitty

Paolo Still keeps it real and lives at Cosanti.