Object / Los Angeles

Object is a new shop in Los Angeles.

The concept is object-sized vintage decorative arts.

Object is the place you go to buy that one thing to sit on your favorite table that is so great it just has to sit there 
in solitude because anything you sit next to it will look inadequate.  

Scandinavian design dominates the inventory, though Austrian Carl Auböck is an obvious favorite.  You'll also find
some great Japanese and American objects as well.  The collection of rare Auböck items were a real treat to see.

Owner Brian Roark designed the shop and he has the hand-drafted plans to prove it.
He also designed the displays, which are pretty amazing.

Obviously the Soleri bell proves Brian knows what's what. 

Brian joins fellow New York transplants Gerard O'Biern (Reform Gallery) and Greg Wooten (The Window) on 
Melrose Ave.  The three actually cut their design teeth at shops on the same street in Tribeca.  
Now with Object there is yet another reason why Melrose, east of La Brea, has become 
one of the best design destinations in Los Angeles.  

Object is located at 6910 Melrose Ave.