Long Beach / Killingsworth

"U" As a Set, Claire Falkenstein at CSU Long Beach

Although various architects designed the individual buildings, it was Killingsworth, Brady and Smith who 
did the original mater plan for the campus. Edward Killingsworth was the master plan architect for the school for over forty years.

The Killingsworth influence is hard to miss. 

In 2006, the plaza in front of Brotman Hall was dedicated to Killingsworth.
This is also where this Lymon Lough Fountain is located.

Hollow Men, Tenold A Peterson, 1964

NOW, Piotr Kowalski, 1964

Ed Lovell was the landscape architect for the campus.

Across town on Ocean Blvd is this 1958 Killingsworth, Brady and Smith.
It could be yours, here.