Eudorah Moore / The Gentle Revolution

September 7 - October 26, 2013
Craft in America Center, curated by Jo Lauria 

Eudorah Moore (1918-2003)
Eudorah Moore  was the curator and director of the California Design exhibitions at the Pasadena Art Museum from 1962 to 1976.  She took over the program with CA Design 8.  Not only did she expand the exhibitions to include some mind blowing craft but the production of the program was also taken to a whole new level with those amazing art-directed hardcover catalogs.  Her impact on the craft movement was not limited to California Design.  She also lead exhibitions on topics such as Appalachian crafts, worked at the NEA and was an all around leader in her field. The exhibition, curated by Jo Lauria, uses objects, ephemera, videos and photos to document Moore's lifelong legacy and commitment to the world of craft--California and beyond.

At the opening, Ren Moore shared some great stories about his mother.

Photo shoot of Kay Whitcomb's enameled doors from California Design 11

The goods showing up for California Design 11

Check out that baby in the Maloof cradle - California Design 10

Arline Fisch

June Schwarcz, 1975

Signed by Sam Maloof, so it has total craft cred.

Sam Maloof double music stand

The Craft in America Center is located at 8415 West Third Street in Los Angeles
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Harrison McIntosh and Eudorah Moore at the opening of "Golden State of Craft" at the Craft and Folk Art Museum.