Neutra / Bond House

The Palm Springs Modern Committee (PS ModCom) hosted a summer architecture tour in San Diego a 
couple weeks ago. It included a cocktail party at the Bond House, by Richard Neutra.

The under awning lighting feature is pretty great.

The house has been fortunate.  All the previous owners have taken great care of it. This includes the current owner, Tammy.

It helps to have the original instruction book.

This piece of history is incredible. It details all the hardware, finishes and options, with costs that were offered in 1960, when 
Neutra was designed the house. Flagstone was available, but the Bonds opted not to get it for something like $400. 

Original Neutra rendering that the owner Tammy had restored and framed. 

Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

These photos were taken before the guest house and pool were built.  
Dion Neutra implemented those two elements based off his father's original plans.    
Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute