Fulton Mall / Fresno

Earlier this month I stopped off at the Fulton Mall again.  I was on the way back from the Stan Bitters: Modern Primitive show at Heath in San Francisco. It's sad that in San Francisco they're honoring Stan's work and in his hometown of Fresno, the city is leaving it in a state of disrepair and are actually working to rip it out.
On March 28th a coalition associated with the 1000 Friends of Fresno filed a lawsuit in Fresno County Superior Court. The coalition, called the Downtown Fresno Coalition, challenges the City Council’s certification of an Environmental Impact Report on the proposed Fulton Mall Reconstruction Project. Read about the lawsuit filed to stop the destruction of the mall, here.  The court date is set for October and in the words of Stan Bitters....
The litigation has only begun and we need your continued help raising funds to see us through the legal process.
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Another dry Bitters fountain. 

The Falkenstein sculptures are still missing.  More on that here.

Jan de Swart

This may have been the only fountain that actually had water in it.

George Tsutakawa

I don't see a car on that sign.

More information on this potential disaster can be found here.

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Visit Save the Fulton Mall for more information.