Neutra / Kahn

Kahn House (1940) by Richard Neutra. On Telegraph Hill in San Francisco

Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

The view is ridiculous

The porthole windows are on the neighboring building. Incidentally, Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo lived there for five months in 1940, possibly when the Neutra was being built?
Businessman Sidney Kahn asked Neutra to design the fourth floor for entertaining.

The Neutra chair seen here is the same model used in the Lovell Health House in Los Angeles. Apparently, the Neutra camel table was developed for the Kahn residence.  
Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

A building permit notice = worrisome 
Hopefully they are getting rid of the crappy interior remodel job done in the 80s. See that here