Radakovich / Documentary

A feature length documentary film project chronicling the lives and work of Toza and Ruth Radakovich is in the works. 
The film, Forging Love and Wearing Sculpture - "A Cold War love story thriller and a view into the the American mid-century arts and crafts revolution."  has just launched a fundraising campaign to support a cross country filming expedition. 
Jean Radakovich (right), daughter of Toza and Ruth, seen here with Verma Nequatewa, the niece of famed Hopi jeweler Charles Loloma is the force behind this project. Traveling with her is, Klaus Flouride, bassist of the 1980s punk band, The Dead Kennedys. Also, Joan Zeno, a ceramic artist and photographer and girlfriend of Toza's after Ruth died. And, Edmundo Marroquin, a Spanish metal smith who worked on many of Toza's sculptures from 1961 until he retired in the 1980s.
In 2011, Boomerang for Modern hosted a showing of artwork by Ruth and Toza. The event also provided a setting for material that will be used in the documentary. More about that here
More about the documentary and Kickstarter campaign can be found here