Neutra / Tulare / Endangered

Richard Neutra office building (1958) for Dr. George D. Lavers, Tulare, CA
Source: Neutra. Complete Works by Barbara Lamprecht, Peter Gössel


Cropped and slightly adjusted 1958 photo. 

The walkway supports were covered up and the rest was amputated. Don't get me started on the yellow stucco.

Around the side. Nice louvers. 
FYI- The bars and chair are not VKG.

The only thing more depressing than the state of the building is that it might be a parking lot soon... 

The Tulare Regional Medical Center is located just across the street from the Lavers building. An EIR prepared for the expansion of the facility claims the Neutra building is not a historic resource. The plan showing a parking lot where the building now sits can be seen here. The Lavers building is located at 591 E Merritt Ave, Tulare, CA