Weekend / Stuff

Deborah Sussman-designed pin from the '84 Olympics. 
I've complained about picking over the holidays in the past and this year is no exception.

I came up on a weed pot score.

Maurice Grossman and Robert Maxwell.

Gross Wood / Wrought Iron

Bowl by Gross Wood
Floor legs

Table legs

the Pitts 

Eugene Weston / Architecture

Eugene Weston Jr. Residence (1951) in La Canada by Eugene Weston III

 Another Weston house on StoneGlen in La Canada

A house Weston built for himself in 1955. It's been messed with a bit. 

A house in Eagle Rock Weston designed for Norman Bilderback (1953). Bilderback was the director of design at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art at the time. It is now in the safe hands with Scott, Joanna and Clay of 10 Ten.

Tackett / Thursday

The Holiday Edition

Weekend / Stuff

Eugene Weston table for Modern Color Inc.

The Good Design group from 1950 is now complete.

The Good Design Selection,  Modern Color Inc.

I picked up another piece by Karl Lightfoot. This time it's a table to go with an upholstered chair I have.

This is the kind of goofy stuff I get into. 

Lightfoot Studio, 1949

Metal wastepaper basket by Grethe Kornerup-Bang for Torben ├śrskov


Weekend / Stuff


La Gardo Tackett / Architectural Pottery

It was a Tackett / AP sort of a weekend. 

From the Architectural Pottery Pro Artisan catalog: “….a pleasing sculpture, David Cressey provides a form that functions equally well for cigarettes or as a holder of clips, rubber bands and other desk-top requirements.”
It was raining Ferris Shacknove baskets this weekend. 
Designed by Andree Ferris and Reta Shacknove.

The literary section

Karl Lightfoot for Lightfoot Studio

Lightfoot Studio, 1949

Tackett / Thursday

Paolo Soleri / Architecture

Arcosanti (1970- )

An Urban Laboratory



Cosanti (1956-1974)

See what's inside--here.

A super special assembly. 

Barrel Vault at Cosanti (1968-71)

Gates in front of the DeConcini house in Phoenix, Az by Paolo Soleri (1981)

See more here.

Paolo Soleri Bridge and Plaza (2010)

More on the bridge here.

The great Paolo Soleri