Park Imperial / South

Park Imperial South (1960) by Barry Berkus - Palm Springs

Frey / Loewy

The Raymond Loewy House (1946-1947) by Albert Frey

It's the one where the pool extends into the house.

Source: SP Faust

Source: SP Faust

It's in a decent neighborhood too. The Kaufmann Desert House by Richard Neutra is next door.

Thanks Jim and Tony!

PS / Modernism

Objects USA booth at the 2015 Palm Springs Modernism show.

Sol-Air canvas and iron lounge and side table by Pipsan Saarinen Swanson for Ficks Reed, 1950. Sol-Air was selected for the first “Good Design” exhibition in 1950.  The lounge was also used in Case Study House 1950 by Rafael Soriano. So was the Bill Lam lamp in the corner. I'm not sure anyone else cared, but I was excited to put that group together. 
Ficks Reed promotional photo by Herbert Matter
Source: Via an excellent post on Pipsan Saarinen at Cranbrook

Reform Gallery showed up with some major California work, as usual. That's a big Hassel Smith on the back wall.

Luther Conover and a lot of Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman at Reform.

Allen Ditson screen at Red

Sputnik Modern had all the power stuff

Frank Lloyd Wright


Paul Tuttle and Paul Evans

Dharam Damama

Dharam Damama

Bill Curry at Xscape

Weekend / Stuff

Swift and Monell, Doyle Lane and Olga Lee

Doyle Lane

Eliot Noyes / IBM

I hit a good ephemera pile too.

Tackett / Thursday

La Gardo Tackett / Architectural Pottery
Palm Springs edition

Eames Office / 901

901 Washington Boulevard (now Abbot Kinney) 
The building was the Eames Office from 1943 to 1988. Prior to that it was the Bay Cities Garage. 

I was in the neighborhood with a California made Zenith LAX, so a homecoming was in order.

Eames Office, 1976
Source: The Story of Eames Furniture, Marilyn Neuhart with John Neuhart

Film by Eames Demetrios on 901.
More here.