Bill Curry / Design Line

June 6th and 7th, Reform Gallery will be showing the works of designer William "Bill" Curry at the Parachute Market sale  in downtown Los Angeles.

In 1962, Bill Curry and his wife Jackie founded the El Segundo-based company Design Line Incorporated, for which Bill created innovative lamps and furnishings. Design Line's first lamp, the Stemlite, was wildly popular at the time of its introduction; it was the first lamp to eliminate the base-plus-shade concept and therefore exist as a single piece. Curry's subsequent items for Design Line include the Cattail Lamp, the smaller Lolite Lamp, and the multifunctional Honeycomb Module, which can be used as seating, as a display surface, or as a coffee table.
Curry-designed items will include a Cattail Lamp, Honeycomb Modules, Stemlite lamps and original paintings by Curry himself courtesy of his son, Eric, and his estate.

Parachute Market: AD HOC
June 6th and 7th, 11 AM-7 PM
Preview party on Friday, June 5th at 7 PM
300 S. Santa Fe Ave.  Los Angeles, CA 90013