Architecture / Detroit

 Stanley Hong's Mannia Cafe (1968) in Detroit, Michigan

Source: Tiki Room

Southwest Detroit Hospital (1975) by Eberle M. Smith Assoc.
The 1980s architectural guidebook I used on my trip states, "The building's materials were selected for lightness due to low bearing capacity of the soil and to resist industrial fumes generated nearby" Seems like the perfect spot for a hospital. 

I didn't even come close to going inside, but this article tells the story. 

Reynolds Metal Regional Sales Office (1959) by Minoru Yamasaki in Southfield (Detroit suburb)

1959 photo. The Northland Shopping Center is in the background.

Packard Plant (1903) by Albert Kan

I wanted to get the expected bombed out Detroit posts out of the way first. It's no secret that Detroit has suffered from decades of disinvestment. Things are bad, but there is so much potential. The city has a rich history and so much great architecture. The good stuff is coming up.