Yamasaki / Noguchi

Dodge Fountain at Philip A. Hart Plaza by Isamu Noguchi
One Woodward Ave (1963) by Minoru Yamasaki is in the background.

One Woodward Ave was Yamasaki's first skyscraper. Not bad.

I guess I wasn't supposed to be taking photos inside the building.

A pedestrian bridge was added in the 1980s that connects to the Guardian Building (1929). The bridge is closed now.
The People Mover tracks are below.

Someone has been trying to get the bridge converted into a bar/nightclub. Read about it here. I'd like to see a coffee shop.

Noguchi is dry. I suppose Detroit has bigger issues to deal with in terms of infrastructure.

High security Noguchi. I wonder who they're watching?

It must be the Canadians. They're right across the river.