JB Blunk / The Landing

J.B. Blunk: painting, drawing, sculpture at The Landing
The Landing's inaugural exhibition at its new gallery space features paintings, drawings, and sculpture by J.B. Blunk. It includes sculptural works with a selection of paintings and drawings that are being exhibited for the first time.
I began making wood sculpture in 1962. I knew how to use a chainsaw and it was one of those things. One day you just start. - J.B. Blunk

Hawk Arch

Mr. Peanut


This was taken before the room really filled up.  
The gallery was designed and executed by architect Gregory Pilon, and it's incredible. In 2004, Pilon designed Reform's former location on La Cienega Blvd. If you read this LA Times article, you'll see that Gerard is still championing the same designers--as evident in The Landing's office below.
The Landing began as a space within Reform Gallery. Now, Reform is represented in the Landing office with Maurice Martine, Olga Lee and Paul Tuttle. This is as good as it gets. 
Maurice Martine prototype 

More Blunk in the office

The show catalogue

Future ephemera collectors will be dying to get this one

Photographer Leslie Williamson, JB Blunk's daughter Mariah Nielson and The Landing's owner Gerard O'Brien.
Gerard, through Reform and the Landing's earlier showings, has put together some great exhibitions over the years. This space takes it to a whole new level.
The exhibition is on view until January 9th, 2016
You'd be a fool to miss it.

Photo: Joshua White, courtesy of The Landing