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JB Blunk / Oakland Museum of California

J.B. Blunk: Nature, Art & Everyday Life at the Oakland Museum of California
I began making wood sculpture in 1962. I knew how to use a chainsaw and it was one of those things. One day you just start. - J.B. Blunk
Mage and Flying Stone were both included in an exhibition at The Landing in 2015. Hawk Arch below was as well.


A great number of the pieces in the exhibition came directly from the Blunk house.

 J.B.'s buckskin shirt

The stone sculpture on the right reminds me of Isamu Noguchi's Radio Nurse. Noguchi was a big influence on Blunk.


Weekend / Stuff

I found some pots this weekend. David Cressey Pro Artisan designs for Architectural Pottery. A couple are on Malcolm Leland forms. The striped one is an atypical piece by Stan Bitters.

Soleri Homes / For Sale

The Paolo Soleri and Mark Mills, Dome House (1949), in Cave Creek, Arizona is for sale.
The house is listed at only $300,000! The photos on were actually just lifted off a post I did in 2012. At that point I was only able to see it from a distance. They could have at least used the ones from when I was there in 2017. They're better and include interior shots...

It's an amazing piece of architecture, but it was designed by two young architects at the beginning of their careers using experimental materials. One big issue is the dome was originally designed to slide open and there was a shield to protect the interior from the blaring sun. That functionality is long gone, which makes for a torturous summer under the dome. 
Image: Julius Shulman,  © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)
Image: Julius Shulman,  © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)
The bedroom and main entrance is located opposite of the dome…

Weekend / Stuff

Jens Risom, Bill Lam and another Tork!
French wall shelf

Dessau / Bauhaus Architecture

Kornhaus (1930) by Carl Fieger
Located on the Elbe River, the city of Dessau, with the brewery Schultheiss-Patzenhofer, commissioned the construction of the Kornhaus restaurant. Fieger was a draftsman for Walter Gropius.

Kornhaus is still a restaurant. I had asparagus and potatoes. Asparagus season is a big deal in Germany. It's large and white--I'm talking about the asparagus.

Steel House (1927) by Georg Muche and Richard Paulick. It too was commissioned by the city of Dessau. The return on that investment in architecture must have been pretty insane. I imagine thousands of people head to Dessau every year to see these buildings.
The house was planned as a prototype, but it wasn't a success.
Employment Office (1929) by Walter Gropius
Gropius designed a round building with a glass saw-tooth roof.
I really wish I was able to go inside.
Source: Bauhaus Dessau

The city of Dessau also commissioned Walter Gropius to build three pairs of identical semi-detached houses for the Bauhaus mas…