Fuck Your Eames / FYNCT

Fuck Your Eames Leg Splint

Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table is a pretty funny blog. It's where all these images came from.

Fuck Your Eames Rocker
Doubly so for this obvious knock off.

Fuck Your Eames Lounge Chair
Triply so for this bad knock off in white

Fuck Your Fake Taxidermy 
and Your Fake Eames Rocker

Fuck Your Eames Hang it All 
Times Two

Fuck Your Map 
and Your Eames Chairs
Actually, those look like nice vintage shells. 
They even stuck with H bases and didn't buy repro dowel bases.
They do have those lame glove molds. 

FRAME CLUSTER FRIDAY- Fuck Your Frame Cluster 
and Your Eames Chair

FRAME CLUSTER FRIDAY is my favorite.
TERRARIUM TUESDAY is pretty cool too.

FYNC advertise a poster with their namesake. I can't decide if it's a joke or a lame attempt to make a buck.
I hope it's a joke.