X-21 was a legendary shop on Valencia

I miss it.

Image: Flickr

This is what's in the old X-21 space now. So sad.

Brand spanking new knock off Tackett egghead condom holders, Made in China, 
This is probably my least favorite Tackett design, but still.
These are at a shop called Therapy.

CB2 knocks off VKG

Tradesman - On the best block in San Francisco.
Marc always has a tight looking shop.

Artist Rex Ray thinks it's a great block too. 

Hey Farsworth! That guy stocks some good stuff. 

The parklet outside Four Barrel Coffee, which is also on the 300 block of Valencia. 
San Francisco is a pioneer with their use of parklets.  A couple parking spaces are converted into a place where 
people and bikes hang out instead of parked cars.


Fiat 500 on Market

Another Fiat