Albert Frey / Studio 111

Just in time for Palm Springs Modernism, Studio 111 pulled out a collection of Albert Frey furniture. 
The set was custom built for the Palm Springs home of Frey's longtime lover and friend, Elise Wolfe.

The collection includes a globe lamp, a signature piece in many of Frey's residential projects. 

There's the switch.

Frey Residence II

There are blueprints and photos that document the source.  They can be seen here above the Frey desk.
Considering the time period and the intimate relationship with the owner, Frey probably
sketched out some important projects at that desk.   

Custom wall-mounted desk lamp.

Elise and Albert

That's Mr. Frey to you. 1949

Limboman in action.  He'd love to sell you some Albert Frey furniture.