Myrton Purkiss / The Landing

The new Myrton Purkiss show at The Landing in Reform is up. 
If you don't know Purkiss there's a little background on him here.

This has got to be the largest showing of work by Purkiss since the 1950s.  
Gerard has been squirreling this stuff away for a very long time. 

Myrton didn't just do plates.

This is the one from the 1952 exhibition, 6000 Years Art in Clay

There's some great ephemera on view as well. 

Peter Loughrey from LAMA came by to check out the Purkiss exhibition too.
After a conversation about Myrton's career change from ceramics to landscape architecture, Peter pointed out how 
the plate below looks exactly like a landscape plan.  

Myrton Purkiss: Paintings on Clay, 1930 - 1960
The Landing at Reform
On Display: February 7th - March 28th