Paul Evans / Designer & Sculptor

Paul Evans: Designer & Sculptor
Architecture and design writer Jeffrey Head has a great new book out on the east coast designer-craftsman.
The foreword is by Adriana Kertzer, with an introduction by longtime Evans collaborator Dorsey Reading 
and the afterword is by Richard Wright. Jefrey has put together a tremendous amount of research into the 
exploration of the life and work of Evans. The 220 photos are pretty great as well.  

Evans, the metalsmith craftsman. Rochester Institute of Technology Brochure, 1952

The showroom Paul Evans and Phillip Lloyd Powell shared in New Hope, Pennsylvania

Paul Evans, Phillip Lloyd Powell and Jens Risom for Designer's Inc.
I'm down for that.

Paul Evans and Phillip Lloyd Powell stereo cabinet

Sculpted panel, 1965 


Sofa, 1964

Door knocker for Directional, 1964
Jeffrey does a great job exploring Evan's relationship with Directional, which began in 1964 when he replaced Paul McCobb.  

Directional, Patchwork, 1969

In the 1970s Evans was doing this kind of thing for Directional. This seems pretty far removed from 
his 1950s designer-craftsman roots. Then again, disco was on its way. I get it.

You need this book. You can order it here.