Palos Verdes / Architecture

Wayfarers Chapel, Palos Verdes, CA by Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright Jr.), 1951 and 1954
It's a memorial to Emanuel Swedenborg

"Architect Lloyd Wright has put together a new king of church--a sparkling enclosure of glass framed in the modern equivalent of Gothic tracery and carrying the glass further than the Gothic builders ever carried it--up into the roof." Architectural Forum 1951

“When the trees that surround the Chapel grow up, they will become the framework, become a part of the tree forms and branches that inevitably arise from the growing trees adjacent to it. I used the glass so that the natural growth, the sky, and sea beyond became the definition of their environment. This is done to give the congregation protection in services and at the same time to create the sense of outer as well as inner space.” - Lloyd Wright - A Visit with the Architect, 1974 via Wayfarers Chapel

Concrete with rocks, just like his dad.

Landscape lamps

Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

Believe it or not, Palos Verdes High School was designed by Richard Neutra, 1962. 
Not one of his best projects, although he did have to contend with Palos Verdes zoning codes which require pitched tile roofs. 

Shulman was even struggling to make this one to look good.
Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

Awe, "spider legs"

Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

Oh Juilus and those fake branches.
Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

Just up the road from Palos Verdes High is the Beckstrand house by Neutra, 1937-40

Neutra hid the required pitched red Spanish red roof with parapets as a workaround.
This 1700 square foot all steel 3BR house was up for sale last year for $2.75 million.  It's hard to tell if it sold.
Here is some listing information from Curbed LA
Source: Julius Shulman. Neutra. Complete Works by Barbara Lamprecht, Peter Gössel

I wonder what happened to the Neutra chair and VKG? 
Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

This original built-in desk from the Beckstrand house was up for auction at Sotheby's in June of this year.  
That is not a good sign for a house perched on prime real estate in Palos Verdes Estates. 
I hope this isn't another mcmansion in the works. 

Image: Sotheby's