Balboa Park / Modern

I went to check on the missing Claire Falkenstein sculpture at The San Diego Museum of Art sculpture garden.
It looks like Accelerated Point is almost back in place, and it's not bolted down. Believe me, I thought about it. 

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Night Presence II, 1976 by Louise Nevelson is just in front of Accelerated Point.

 The Timken Museum (1965) by Frank L. Hope and Associates is just across the plaza. John Mock led the design for the firm.

It's the one of only a couple pieces of non-Spanish Colonial Revival architecture in the park, and it's homegrown.
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 Something I learned at Keith York's talk on Frank Hope earlier this week was that Richard Kelly did the lighting design at the Timken.

Yes, the same Richard Kelly who worked with Phillip Johnson on this lamp design for the Glass House.
Image: Wright