Fullerton / Civil Unrest

Hunt Foods Library (1962) in Fullerton, CA by William Pereira


The building was a gift to the City of Fullerton from the Hunt Foods & Industries Foundation, which was headed by Norton Simon.

The City of Fullerton has decided not to fund this branch and it is now closed. There appears to be no long term plans to reopen the library. Read more about that here.  The City has struck a deal to lease the building to a church for at least two years. Why have a building full of books when you can have a bunch of people thump just one?
The City Council recently voted to support an application to place the building on the National Registry of Historic Places. Hopefully this means a steeple won't be added by the new tenants.
Fullerton City Hall (1963) by Smith, Powell & Morgridge

They call it "New Formalism"

A protest was underway next to City Hall in reaction to the acquittal of the two Fullerton police officers who beat unarmed homeless man Kelly Thomas to death.

Some citizens left some nice notes on the front of Police Station.

Being a cop must be a rough job. On the other hand, if you've followed this story and have seen what they did to Kelly Thomas, I don't see how anyone could justify what they did to that poor man. There's some shady stuff going on in Fullerton.  Those two bastards should be thrown in prison. Receiving daily beat downs for the rest of their lives would be getting off easy.  
After I left, things started to heat up.
Image:  Voice of OC
14 protestors were arrested. Read about this very sad story here and here.
Image:  Voice of OC