Weed Pot / Wednesday

#WeedPotWednesday broke 200 today
Antonio Prieto via farnsworthmodern

Here are some really good ones...

Super sick Doyle Lane via rewirela

Early (1946) Harrison McIntosh via andrewmromano

Rose & Erni Cabat via cebthree
Nice pairing with Maxwell Yellen 

Another nice grouping via gonkedglookedslurped

A rock form via themodernera

I'm a sucker for rock pots.
This one, via rosecitymodern

I was showing off with all my Wayne Chapman pots.

Heath studio joined in too. 
Great one Tung!

Foreigners are also allowed.
Here's a Bernt Friberg via racomer2

Another Doyle Lane with San Miguel Island Buckwheat
via thesalmontrader (This guy knows his weeds)

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