Tackett / Thursday

I don't usually straight up re-post things, but this is too good not to.
Joining @esotericsurvey for #tackettthursday with a little esoterica from our Archives. Tackett was apparently contracted by Girard to lead Herman Miller's short-lived Objects program.
This document opens.... "It is entirely possible that history will note the use of the word 'OBJECTS' as it is being used in the title of Herman Miller's newest division. It does indeed mark a new awareness of the significance of objects to our time. We who are aware of environment are excited by what Alexander Girard is telling us and showing us about objects. We are the first to understand that he is saying that objects are not incidental to our lives but primary and paramount. When Alexander Dorner used as his title for a book about Herbert Bayer 'The Way Beyond Art,' he accomplished the same function that Herman Miller accomplishes in using 'OBJECTS' to enucleate the work of Alexander Girard. From the moment of that inception our minds were able to meet a new point of departure and from that point forward 'OBJECTS' by Girard's definition became separated from an 'ocean of pretentiousness.'"
 Alexander Girard and La Gardo Tackett working together is just incredible.