Nathan Lerner / DIY Modern

Chair by Nathan Lerner (1913-1997) 
This is a full-scale foldout pattern for the DIY modernist handyman to complete at home. For those less adventurous modernists, the chair was also sold in kit form with pre-cut pieces that were sent disassembled in a box.
Lerner was part of the New Bauhaus at the Chicago Institute of Design and was Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s star pupil.

Upholstery instructions.

Nathan Lerner  'LIGHT EXPERIMENT' photograph from 1937/1938 Annotated 'second semester' and 'Institute of Design Class Kepes-Smith' in pencil and with 'the new bauhaus chicago' stamp on the reverse, framed, 1937, printed in 1938
Source: Sotheby's (The auction note has a great bio on Lerner)