Ellwood Hunt House / Threatened

Hunt House- Jerrold Lomax design under Craig Ellwood, 1955-57

I was fortunate to be able to visit the Hunt House before it sold in 2012 for $5.3 million. It was in incredible original condition, including some original furnishings. See more images here.
Architect Ardie Tavangarian purchased this architectural landmark and now wants to demolish it. 

Here is an example of a project by Ardie Tavangarian. 

Tavangarian also worked on a house for Jackie Collins, which was apparently inspired by a David Hockney painting. The architect reportedly worked with Richard Meier at one point. 
Source: The Real Deal

 The item was continued at the Malibu Planning Commission, so hopefully this small house won't become another victim of valuable real estate. It would be a major loss.
Tavangarian has already upset some in Malibu with another proposed project on an empty lot down the road. Read more here.