Radakovich at Boomerang

Boomerang hosted a showing of artwork by Ruth and Toza Radakovich. The event also
provided a setting for material that will be used in an upcoming documentary about the couple.
More about the Radakovich documentary can be found here.

Arline Fisch, looking hip and getting some attention from the camera. 

Radakovich pieces are never for sale, they weren't tonight either.

Anything by the Radakoviches is rare, but a lamp?

This is what I wanted to take home.

I knew I recognized it from an old catalog.

How often do you see a Radakovich sculpture walking down the street?
Danah Fayman showed up bearing a gift, unfortunately not for me.

Toza Radakovich airplane sculpture.

Mrs Fayman said it was made for the La Jolla Art Museum Christmas Tree (most likely in the 60s).

 The sculpture went to Jean Radakovich. 
I guess Toza and Ruth's daughter deserves it more than me.