Collecting Eames: The JF Chen Collection

These are some awful cell phone photos from the opening of the Collecting 
Eames gallery show at JF Chen.  The show is part of Pacific Standard Time.
The depth of this collection and the execution of the display is astonishing.
Since this is a gallery show, most of these items are for sale! 

There was some serious Eames nerding off going on. 
Banners of the bottom of chairs were hung throughout the space. This was a nice touch that 
shows the academic approach of the display.  
There were at least a few discussions going on about original screws and feet.

The chairs were organized chronologically, 
starting with the 1939 Eames and Saarinen Kleinhans chair.

Early Evans Rosewood LCW

Single shockmounts with external washers

Red Lion Organic Design Cabinets, 1941 

This one doesn't show up very often: EC228 from 1971

Full Catalog:
More Information: JF Chen Collection and an article on 1stdibs