LAMA Auction / December 2011

Noguchi chess table, $150K hammer

Super rare Eames dowel table, $26K hammer
One of the best things in the sale. It was custom made for John Tigrett,
 the Hang-it-all, Toy, House of cards guy. 


Monster Natzler, $45K hammer. This seemed like a total deal 
considering a Natzler tea set sold for $45k later in the sale.

Rex Goode pig planter, Architectural Pottery, $2,800 hammer... cheap
Photo: LAMA

La Gardo Tackett Architectural Pottery planters, $11,500 hammer?????
Not a good sign for someone hoping to sneak out some Tackett creatures
Photo: LAMA

Rodney Walker custom table, $5K hammer
The second coolest coffee table in the sale

Tackett animal creature, $2,500 hammer

Tackett creature, $2,500 hammer

Went home empty handed