Victor H. Bisharat / Architect

OK, so this Victor Bisharat candelabrum sent me on one of those wormhole reserach expeditions. 

It was designed in 1951 by Bisharat, a Jordan-born architect living in California. This I have known for quite some time.

What I didn't know is that he designed this base around the same time.  It was used as a plant stand or a table and is pretty much the same concept as the candelabrum. It seems super obvious now.
Here it is in table form. I've had a couple of these and never knew the designer. Since they are usually found in the SF Bay Area, I assumed it was a designer from up there. It turned out to be true. The wormhole paid off this time. Too bad I sold the tables.
Also in the early 50's, Bisharat supposedly worked with with the Ralph M. Parsons Company and helped with the plan for Disneyland in Anaheim. He was in the LA area, so it's plausible, but I couldn't find anything to substantiate the claim that he or the Parsons company worked on the project. I'm not a big fan of Disneyland, but the original plan and "merchantainment" prospectus is fascinating. It can be found here
Bisharat definitely designed the Jordan Pavilion at the 1964 World's Fair in New York. He was living in Pasadena at the time.

Bisharat must have liked the east coast. He headed to Stamford, Connecticut and moved into the Glenn House (1960) by Richard Neutra.

Photo Neutra. Complete Works by Barbara Lamprecht, Peter Gössel

He made a substantial mark on Stamford, including the High Ridge Office Park (1967)

Landmark Tower (1973) in Stamford

More about Bisharat can be found here.

Photo: Flickr