W.A. Sarmiento / Phoenix

     Western Savings, now Souper Salad (1974) by Wenceslao Alfonso aka W.A. Sarmiento 
The Peruvian-born architect studied under Oscar Niemeyer. I'm sure that's no surprise after seeing his work. W.A. spent much of his career building banks for an outfit with the not so original name of Bank Building & Equipment Corp. of America. He landed the job after getting in a car accident with an architect who worked at the company.
Phoenix Financial Center (1964-70) by W.A. Sarmiento 

This is at the top of the dome above. 

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That pot bums me out.

The original plan called for two towers.

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Oh well.

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Sadly, these aren't in use anymore. 

Sarmiento designed some great banks. This was in New Jersey.  
Banks are so boring now. 

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