McLaughlin / LACMA

John McLaughlin (1898-1976) Paintings: Total Abstraction at LACMA
The exhibition contains 52 pieces by the self taught Dana Point artist.

There is a room of earlier paintings in the exhibition, like this one from 1949. This only a few years after he started painting full-time. It's a good painting, but he still isn't there. McLaughlin started painting in his 40s. He was heavily influenced by Japanese art and culture. Along with inheriting his uncle's Japanese art collection from his mother. In 1935 John moved to Japan for two years. 

He's getting there.

1951 and 1952


This is when he nails it. McLaughlin said his goal, with rectangular compositions, was "to liberate the viewer from the tyranny of the object."





In addition to a superb catalogue, LACMA produced a short documentary. 
See it here.  

Along with Roy McMakin chairs in the gallery, he's also in the documentary.

McMakin / McLaughlin

Tony DeLap photo of Mclaughlin's studio in 1976, the year he died.

This is a powerful exhibition by an underrated master.