Paul McCobb / Wright

On June 29th, Wright will hold the first auction dedicated solely to Paul McCobb.  
Much of it comes from the collection of Reform Gallery.

Pavilion Collection room divider, model 6000, by Arbuck
Paul McCobb designed a lot of pieces. The simple geometry of the Pavilion collection is at the top for me.

1953 Arbuck catalog

Pavilion Collection chair, model 6550, by Arbuck

Seagrass and iron. So good.
Magazine rack, model 6521 for Northcraft Lighting Co. USA, 1951

McCobb's lighting designs are some of his best work, and the hardest to come by.

This one, produced by Excelsior Art Studios USA in 1954, might be his best.

Yes, he designed radios too. 
CBS-Columbia USA, 1955

All images via Wright
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