Museo de Arte Moderno / Mexican Modernism

Museo de Arte Moderno (1964) by architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez

The view from above, 1960s.

There was a small exhibition of Mexican Modernism at the same time the Don Shoemaker exhibition was happening. 

1950s iron table by Talleres Chacón

Cube lamb by Diego Matthai, 1971

Gustavo Perez

Enamels by Miguel Pineda

Mosaic table by Genaro Álvarez

A sculpture garden wraps around the museum.

Manuel Felguérez

Mathias Goeritz, 1953

Kazuya Sakai

Casa Aztecalita by Juan José Díaz Infante was getting a little makeover. The restoration was funded by Pemex.

Juan José Díaz Infante created the structure in 1967 as a pre-fab solution to the housing crisis in Mexico. He was influenced by a trip to Disneyland a few years prior. The house was installed at the museum in 1967 as part of an exhibition, Man and Plastic. It's been there ever since. 
Source: Codigo