Mexico / City

This is the third year in a row I've taken a trip to Mexico City in November.

It's incredible that just a little over two months ago a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the city. 370 people died. I debated about not going this year, but was encouraged by a couple of friends who had just been and reassured me that I wouldn't be in the way. Plus, a large sector of their economy relies on tourism. So against my mom's wishes, I went.
Fuerza Mexico (Mexico Strength) banners are hung around the city and in some ways it's hard to tell anything happened. There's actually some controversy about that. There are accusations that the government is trying to hide the damage by covering up earthquake stricken buildings. That obviously isn't the case with this building in the Juarez neighborhood. Although in other areas, entire buildings are hidden with black tarps. What's also not evident is the large number of people who have been displaced due to condemned buildings. The count is 1,400 condemned buildings so far.
Like the banners say, Mexico is strong. Rebuilding is already underway and most things seem to be operating somewhat normally.
The markets are open.

As are the restaurants, like Rosetta.