Neutra / Le Corbusier

Neutra VDL studio and houseOriginally built in 1932 and reconstructed after a fire in 1963, the house was designed for Neutra and his family. It was named the VDL Research House because it financed with a no interest loan from Cees H. Van der Leeuw, a Dutch industrialist.

On Saturday evening, Bonhams presented Le Corbusier's Baigneuse, barque et coquillage (Painted between 1934 - 1947). Head of Modern & Impressionist Art, India Phillips spoke about the painting. It will be up for sale in March at the Impressionist & Modern Art auction in London. 


As you can see in this 1966 photo with Richard Neutra, this section of the roof was once a "cooling roof". If you look close, you can see the Tackett pot back there. 

Photo: Julius Shulman

Neutra stairs are some of the best.

Le Corbusier through the window.

Cell phones aren't the best for night photos.