Heath / Tung Chiang

Design Series Six: Growing Small 

Every year Heath Clay Studio Director, Tung Chiang designs and produces a series of work based on a theme. This year, it's small objects "cast and formed by hand, for treasuring in the hand".

"Extracted from molds in basic form, pieces are hand-altered and individually enhanced, resulting in a collection of related, yet one-of-a-kind objects that celebrate the skillful art of mold-making, while questioning the boundary between one-offs and editions."

September 22–28: Show on view at Heath SF, during showroom hours
September 28: Show opens for sale
September 28: Artist talk by Tung Chiang from 5–6 pm

More information here.

As you can see, Tung is insanely talented.

This bottle kills me!

In addition to creating a line of 125 small sculptures in clay, Tung designed flatware for Heath.

It was hand-tooled and crafted in New York by Sherrill Manufacturing. Sherril is the only company still producing flatware in the United States.

Tung at the Sherril factory. Along with being a great designer, he's a passionate collector and a super nice guy.

In 2013 I stopped by Heath to visit Tung at his studio. See that here.

All photos are Courtesy of Heath Ceramics