Paul Rudolph / Walker Guest House

Paul Rudolph’s 1952 Walker Guest House has been erected in downtown Palm Springs. The house is a full-scale replica that is on loan from the Sarasota Architectural Foundation (SAF) in Florida. It was relocated and reconstructed by PS ModCom as part of Palm Springs Modernism. It made it's debut at Fall Modernism, which happened last month. It will be up until March 2020.

"Strictly adhering to an 8’ x 8’ cubic module, Rudolph created a one-unit high, three-unit wide by three-unit deep 24’ square pavilion. Offset exterior sister-ed columns frame the structure and visually lighten an already nimble assembly.

These fames support a pulley system connecting a weighted ball and plywood panel. The raised ball shuts the flap to secure the screened bay, when lowered, it yields a canopy of shaded exterior space while affording natural ventilation within and through, earning the guest house the moniker of “the cannonball house” in the process. Occurring on two consecutive of every three bays per side, these panels form a pinwheel that is accented by one solid glass bay or door per side." - Paul Rudolph Foundation

That's a pretty rare Paul McCobb candle holder.

Paul Rudolph designed the coffee table.

Brad Dunning helped edit, chose and lent some of his furningings.  After working on projects by A. Quincy Jones, John Lautner, Richard Neutra, and Wallace Neff; Brad can now add Paul Rudolph to the list. He has been a long time supporter of historic preservation efforts in Palm Springs and is actively involved in PS ModCom

More Rudolph-designed iron furnishings

More information on the Walker Guest House can be found here and here.