Eames House / Herman Miller X Hay Picnic

I went to a picnic at the Eames House this past weekend. It was a preview of a collaboration between Herman Miller and Hay.  They call it a "thoughtfully reimagined" line "of eight classic Eames designs for a new generation." Just like Charles and Ray Eames, Rolf and Mette Hay are a married couple. 

In addition to the new colors, drawn from Alexander Girard Jacob's Coat textile, the Hay designs also use new materials.

Like this glass top LTR. I'm a vintage guy so I'm generally not all that interested in new furniture. Especially if it's a reproduction of an older piece, authorized or not. I have nothing against new furniture, especially when it's done well and responsibly, like Herman Miller does. That all being said, this LTR in a heavy cast-glass is pretty interesting to me. I like the idea of being able to use an LTR outside. 

It was a picnic and there was even an Eames-inspired menu. Unfortunately I was geeking out too much and didn't eat anything.

Amy Auscherman, Head of Archives and Brand Heritage for Herman Miller, and Sam Grawe, Chief Brand & Marketing Officer at Eames Institute

I caught two of the biggest Eames experts flipping a table over. They use shock mounts to connect the base to the glass top, in case you were wondering. I certainly was.

Eames Demetrios, Director of the Eames Office, and his wife Shelley

Funny story.... We arrived to the event at the same time and his name wasn't on the list so they wouldn't let him in. Seeing the grandson of Charles Eames, who is named Eames, and was even wearing Eames shoes getting blocked at the gate was great. He handled it well, laughed it off and praised the top notch security.

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