Isamu Noguchi / Garden Museum

I finally had the chance to visit the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, New York.

Noguchi created the museum in 1985 to exhibit his life's work.  It's housed in a 1920s brick industrial building and an attached concrete structure that was designed and built in the1980s by Isamu Noguchi in collaboration with Shoji Sadao. 

It's a little bit of hike from Manhattan but is definitely worth it. Although I've seen hundreds of images, I really wasn't prepared for how many pieces are on display. The collection and presentation is incredible.  

Some early and what looks like to be prototype Akari lamp bases.

There were a few furniture pieces on display.

 Ceramic beads 

Located across the street from the museum is Noguchi's former 10th Street live-work studio.
It's currently undergoing renovations, funded by a $4.5 million grant, and will be open for tours in the near future.

Here is Isamu in the kitchen of his studio.
Source: Photo by Dan Budnik via The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum