Tokyo / Meguro Dori

Meguro Dori in Meguro-ku is the street where most of the vintage shops in Tokyo are, including Case Study.
Amongst a large collection of good stuff piled in there was this Heifetz lamp by Zahara Schatz.  
There were also some good Nelson clocks and Eames pieces.

Tetsumasa Suda is the owner of Case Study. 

I tried hard to find some vintage mid-century Japanese designs.
The thing that I kept hearing was that it's impossible to find. It turned out to be true for me. 
He's friends with Riki Watanabe so if he doesn't have any vintage examples, prospects were looking bleak. 
He did have a newer production Watanabe iron and wood stool signed by Riki himself.

He showed me the Ray Eames business card from his private stash. I think he said Sori Yanagi gave it to him.

Meister is just down the street from Case Study.
The upstairs has a nice mix of things for sale and a personal collection that wasn't for sale. 
Of course, the one thing I wanted was NFS. 
They also have their own line of new stuff if you're into that sort of thing.
Most "vintage" shops in Japan have a lot of new merchandise. 

Pretty rare Nelson lamp.  This one is for sale.

Ray Eames to Alexander Girard
Meister collection= Not for Sale!

They didn't have any info on this, but it's pretty cool.

Natzlers at Meister

I'm pretty sure I recognized one of the guys in this shop from the Rose Bowl flea

Eames wire chair at Junks
69,800 Yen = $880