Carson Thomson / LAMA

One of the things that struck me most at the LAMA sale was this table by Carson Thompson.  
I had never heard of him before seeing the catalog. Dan Tolson, who is the new Director of 
20th Century Decorative Art & Design at LAMA, told me a little about him at the preview. He did a nice bit of 
research on him and wrote a blog post about what he found here. 

Carson Thomson was a professor at LA City College and built his own house in Playa del Rey in 1948.   
He also built model boats, restored classic cars and was obviously a talented furniture maker.  The three pieces in 
the sale were out of his house.  It doesn't appear that he built much furniture beyond what he lived with.

The table sold for $4,250

This chair by Thomson was also in the sale. 

The Window sold this sofa by Carson Thomson, which came from his estate as well.

Here's the house Carson built

Carson had to of made this door, right?
The house is for sale here.

This set was apparently part of his estate too.

Carson "Kit" Thomson (1915-2011)
Image: ajmundo
Here's a little about his artist wife Mary as well: Mary Thomson