LAMA Preview / Results

The George Rickey sculpture went for $95k

Dunbar cabinet with Natzler tiles went for $9k

The Natzler ceramic insterts 

This Natzler is amazing.  
It was included in a grouping of four that seemed to be a real deal at $3,250.
Less than $1,000 each? 

The Buckminster Fuller globe is way bigger than it looked in the catalog.

I can't believe this Neutra lamp passed too

Grossman continues to go nuts at auction- $12k for this desk.

Greta Grossman for Brown Saltman- $14k

Some great hard edge paintings

Paul Tuttle chair from 1960
The Schindler lots were great to see.  The original upholstery on the chair is outstanding.
The desk sold for $17k and the chair for $18k

Nice pots
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