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A set of prints are now on sale to help fund the continued conservation efforts at the Eames House.
They will also be developing a 250 year maintenance plan and inventorying the entire contents of the house. 
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Source: Eames Office

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This excerpt from an Eames Foundation newsletter article by Foundation Director Lucia Dewey Atwood lists some of the conservation work that has already been done: 
Phase I began with the move of the Eames House living room — now all returned — to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as a highlight of its Pacific Standard Time exhibition California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way, followed by testing, examining and working on the House structure.
During this time, I am delighted to report that we have accomplished several key goals, with manythanks to the focus of our architects Escher GuneWardena, the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), additional consultants, and several wonderful donors, all of whom embrace our conservative approach of preserving the maximum amount of original material.
  • The floor has been stripped of its toxic tile and been replaced with a water vapor barrier, a color-mixed tile and sealer. All components have passed the GCI's stringent Oddy testing to ensure that there will be no corrosive material interactions.
  • The tallowwood wall (identified via the GCI’s genetic testing) along the retaining wall in the living room has been repaired and reconditioned with a fully reversible varnish that encases and protects the original varnish.
  • Repairs to all operable living room windows are complete, with repairs to stop water infiltration inthe House expected to continue through the end of this year.
  • We have been awarded a grant to repair and restore the roof of the House and Studio, with work scheduled to commence after the winter rainy season.
  • We offered our first Eames Chair Camp—sponsored by the Getty Trust as part of the PST closing ceremonies, an educational initiative of design exploration and making inspired by the Eameses' approaches and processes as seen in the House.
Our understanding of the fabric of the House has benefited greatly from the GCI focus on expanding knowledge of the field and developing new tools for conservation, as the Getty has undertaken in-depth analyses related to climate control, and the paint and wood finishes. Together the Eames Foundation, GCI and Escher GuneWardena are working on our Comprehensive Management Plan. 
We look forward to finishing our repairs to the building envelope under Phase I by late Spring 2013, but we have more work to do. 

1993 walkthrough by the Eames Office.